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The Effects of Degrading Oil on Your Engine: A Closer Look Inside

At Certified Performance, we know you love pushing your engine. But just like any high-performance machine, it needs the right care to keep it running smoothly. Engine oil is the lifeblood of your car, and when it breaks down, the consequences can be brutal.

Here's what happens inside your engine as your oil degrades:

Friction Frenzy:  Fresh oil creates a slippery film between engine parts, reducing friction and wear.  Broken down oil loses its lubricating properties, causing metal to grind against metal. This friction translates to lost power, decreased fuel efficiency, and ultimately, engine damage.

engine oil sludge

Sludge City:  Over time, oil accumulates contaminants like dirt and combustion byproducts. As oil breaks down, it can no longer hold these contaminants in suspension.  They clump together, forming sludge that clogs oil passages and restricts oil flow.  Starved for lubrication, critical engine components start to wear prematurely.

Acid Attack:  Engine combustion creates acidic byproducts.  Fresh oil has additives that neutralize these acids.  Broken down oil loses this ability, allowing the acids to roam free and eat away at your engine's internal components.  This corrosion can lead to expensive repairs down the line.

Overheating Omens:  Friction from poor lubrication and restricted oil flow generates excessive heat.  This heat can warp components, damage seals, and lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Preventative maintenance is key to a healthy engine and a happy wallet. Regularly changing your oil and oil filter is the best defense against breakdown.  Sticking to your manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals and using high-quality oil are crucial.

Certified Performance: Your Partner in Peak Performance

At Certified Performance, we understand the importance of keeping your engine running strong.  Our certified technicians can advise you on the best oil for your vehicle and perform oil changes quickly and efficiently.  Don't let your engine become a victim of bad oil.  Contact Certified Performance today and keep your ride running like a champ!


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